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Rayz Ong is a Singaporean multimedia designer who specializes in vector illustration, interactive and information design. Character design is his true love. He was graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree in Design communication.

He has a strong passion for multimedia design and loves to create beautiful and eye-catching graphic designs from scratch. He has an eye for all sorts of design elements and is quick to advice on any design related issue. On top of that, Rayz is equipped with a creative mindset and is always looking at new possibilities everyday.

Rayz Ong Achievements and Awards

Design for Asia Student Award 2010 (DFA) Finalist

Nominated for DFA Awards and represented Singapore as a finalist. Sent to Hongkong to present work to the final jury, and to participate in the Business of Design Week 2010.

Felicity International Graphic Design Competition Finalist

Nominated as a top 40 finalist for Felicity and design was being selected to be 1 out of 12 for Felicity Calendar 2011.

Crowbars Award 2010 Finalist

Project 365 Online Archiving Website was selected as a Finalist in the Interactive category.

Asia Interactive Awards Student Category (Silver Award)

37 min info graphics motion graphic had won Silver Award


News Media

Data Visualization

Data visualization infographic book by Borche books

Brand and Single Page Design

Brand and Single Page Design-Lemongraphic


This book “” BRAND AND SINGLE PAGE DESIGN “” featured the newest more than 50 designers’ works including some practical application of works in card design, page design, folding design, etc. The content is very novel. These works show the application of new technology Book includes 50 designers ‘ latest graphic design work from the world, includes the card design, single page design, folding design and practical application works. The form is novel, content more comprehensive, and more practical. It isn’t about all the content of the brand design, and includes relevant single-page design, card design, folding design and format related content. Thus, it doesn`t looks like very monotonous and dull, on the contrary it fill with more rhythm. We apply the new technology, new methods, new material, new thinking into works, and give a series of the new interpretation for graphic single page design. Rich contents, large amount of information is main feature of this book, and it has the very good practical value. , new methods, new materials, new ideas meanwhile , it gives new explanation of single page design. The book is rich in content, a large amount of information, and has good practical value. “

Choi’s Gallery book about infographics



IdN Extra 07: Infographics — Designing Data

Information Design featured on “DATA VISUALIZATION” do\work publishing

data visualizaion by do work

37 min busride was featured on DigitalArts (UK) August 2011 Issue

Click here to DigitalArts.com



Saving water infographic design was featured in Renaissance Of Materials Issue BranD magazine

A bimonthly English-language magazine tailored for both established and emerging Brand Design professionals around the world.

Renaissance Of Materials Issue BranD magazine

Rayz Ong Achievements and Awards

Rayz Ong Achievements and Awards

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