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The main reason that lots of people still think design is only for certain companies is that they think design is only about aesthetic beauty. In the past, this could have been true; one of the first commercial applications of design was in London in the early 17th century for a luxury retail store. Since then, design has been used to create things that are aesthetically beautiful.

This approach was extremely powerful before the Internet era, when TV was the main source of media, however technology has changed the environment for design, affecting both communication and the democratization of quality design.

Before the Internet era, communication was basically one-way: from companies to consumers. It was then relatively easy for companies to create a corporate image that they wanted to develop through advertisement, where creative expression was applied.

However, thanks to the progress of technology, now communication is not one-way but two-way (between companies and consumers) or even three-way (amongst consumers). What truly matters for consumers today is not a commercial message that is created for the sake of corporations, but an authentic experience that can be shared with other consumers. Design is for every company, small or big.

If you are a technology company, a design company, clothing or even a real estate company like Amber Park Floor a huge real estate Singapore company you need to think about how to sell better. Design is an answer for you because it is about streamlining process, simplifying complicated concepts, and visualizing the core value of your products and services. Technical facts are important only once your customers want to buy your products. It is not that logical reasoning generates emotional motivation/desire to buy, but emotional motivation/desire that brings logical reasoning – and design can create an emotional connection between your company and your customers.

About us

Lemongraphic was established in 2007 by Rayz Ong, who has a strong passion for multimedia design. Lemongraphic is a multimedia design house dedicated to help small to medium sized businesses prosper online by offering professional web design & development services with warm client relations  – all at a great price!

We provide comprehensive design support for websites – from graphic design and copy writing elements to complete infrastructure development. All these are accompanied with a creative mindset, fast fingers and intimate knowledge of the latest technology. We take immense pride in our diverse and exciting designs.

Lemongraphic is capable of creating a wide span of designs, from simple text and graphics to the more intricate designs. We provide amazing service coupled with astonishing rates. No matter your budget, we strive to offer you the best solution that can give you the most value in accomplishing your goals. Please feel free to contact the undersigned today to clarify any doubts that you may have or simply to arrange a non-obligatory consultation with us.

Our Awards and Achievements

Lemongraphic Design services :

• Graphic design, vector illustration, information design, print layout

• Interactive design, website design, UI design

• Hardware support

• Printing

• Domain registration & Web-hosting, or VPS hosting

• Corporate branding

Free free to contact us @ [email protected]  for more information

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